A creativity-centered approach to organisational and personal professional development 
– live and online.

Thea Mikkelsen,
Executive Coach & Consultant
focusing on professional creativity.

I work with organisations who want to get the most out of strategic processes, partner seminars, leadership development and organisational designs.

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Organisational Development

I help organisations develop new strategies, organisational designs and leadership development programs. 

"I believe the creative industries have an unused potential in upgrading  leadership skills and professional stance."


I offer coaching to people in the creative industries as well as people working with R&D, change and strategy in other professional organisations. 

"When you look at the statistics on how much you can gain from coaching it is difficult to understand why all ambitious people does not have a coach."

Partner- and management seminars

I design and facilitate partner and management seminars for creative organisations and organisations with a focus on change and organisational development. 

"It is my experience that partner- and mangement teams that meet for an off-site seminar at least once a year will always have a competitive advantage."

Online course and community for cultural creative people.

Cultural creative people are often struggling with their professional development alone.
I have developed Milano Club as an online course and community for creative people who want to focus on their professional development.

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I have written 4 books on Professional Creativity.

In English:
Coaching the Creative Impulse – Psychological Dynamics and Professional Creativity.

Published by Routledge, London, Feb. 2020.

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“One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.” 
- Sigmund Freud