Personal leadership
in the creative industries

Your work will benefit from you adapting a leadership mindset and developing the right processes around your work.


Why is leadership so important?

Because leadership defines goals, processes and the work culture around a task, leadership is necessary for creative work.  

But our idea of leadership must change if we are to take full responsibility of the outcome.No man is an island and leadership is not about control. It is about defining outcomes and creating processes.

When I work with leadership development I stress the importance of developing a systemic mindset where you are not only having your own work in mind but also the work of the group and the context.

Working with leadership in relation to cross disciplinary creative work my mission is to raise the awareness and skill around creating outcomes not only through professional skills but also through strategic and relational competences. Many people in the creative industries have experienced advancement through development of their professional skills. But to take the next steps creative collaborations need you to develop your sense of impact.

When I work with leadership development, I focus on:

  • Developing a sense of effect of actions.
  • How to have the whole eco-system in mind.
  • The development of effective creative cultures that allow individual skills to contribute to value creation.

Let me help you - and your organisation

To develop a leadership mindset and transform it into concrete actions that will help both individual leaders, teams and entire organisations requires both knowledge about leadership tools and reflexivity.

You must consider:

  • What outcomes do we want?
  • How can I as a leader create the results we want and need?¬† ¬†
  • What kind of leader must I be to create these results in the context¬†we are in?

If you want to discuss how I can help you and your organisation develop leadership skills, you are welcome to contact me.

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"Leadership is a series of behaviors rather than a role for heroes."

Margaret Wheatley

"Research shows leadership practices can significantly proliferate creativity."

Miriam Feuls


The creative industries need tailored leadership development programs. Therefore I have developed building blocks for programs for both individuals and organisations where I combine video training and individual coaching. 

Individual leadership development

I offer individual leadership development programs in Danish, Norwegian and English. If you need flexibility in your leadership development training or you want a tailored process where we reflect on what is needed in your situation, I offer special programs. 

You will get:

  • Insights on¬†how you can improve your leadership.
  • Introduction to classic leadership tools.
  • Sparring on how you can implement your learning.
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Leadership programs for groups

The creative industries are in a process of transformation and a new understanding of leadership and collaboration is needed. I design and facilitate leadership programs for groups of people who need to both influence each other and collaborate around creative tasks.

My group leadership programs are all tailored to my clients and can consist of:

  • Group learning sessions online or in person.
  • Video modules.
  • Individual coaching and leadership tests.
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How to get started

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During the years I have created in-house leadership programs for both Museums, Law firms, Architectural Companies and special interest organizations. 

I always design programs that emphasize cross disciplinary creative collaboration and that focus on the quality and strategic goals of the professional outcome.


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