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Why Work With Creativity in Organisations?

Because creativity in groups must be led and organized to bring value.  

Too many organisations do not take advantage of the power of creativity. To develop prosperous and regenerative work cultures where value is created for project, people and planet while ambitious projects are in the making, we must change the way we work. 

When I work with organisations whose goal is to take people and collaboration to the next level, I focus on:

  • The unique qualities of the organisation.
  • How the primary tasks in the organisation are supported by creativity on individual, group and organisational levels.
  • The individual paths to take full responsibility of value creation in collaborations.

With our creativity-centered approach I help organisations develop their collective creativity to build better client relationships, regenerative work cultures and creative leadership talent development.

Let's discuss 


When I work with organisations the process is always tailored. Before deciding if we could be the right fit, we need to talk about:

  • What do you need to develop in your organisation?
  • What could a process look like?
  • What outcomes do you want us to focus on?

If you want to discuss how I can help you and your organisation, you are welcome to contact me to find out.

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Working with the management team

The way the managing team work together influences how every team in the organisation works.

I help management teams:

  • Align visions of the future.
  • Stay accountable when going through processes of transformation.
  • Develop sectorial and cross-organizational work cultures.

Working with core teams

When an organisation grows, changes strategy or sees new business opportunities, every team in the organisation needs to change the way it works.

I help organisations design and facilitate processes that will help core teams:

  • Align internally and in relation to other teams and stakeholders.
  • Redefine their roles.
  • Develop committed practices.

Developing tailored trainings

Together with HR or the management team I design and facilitate tailored trainings that will help your employees integrate new modes of working together.

I design and facilitate trainings focusing on:

  • Cross disciplinary collaboration.
  • New practices.
  • Regenerative work cultures.

Let us work together

My offers for organisations are always tailored so they fit both purpose, capacity and budget. If you want to have a conversation about what I can do for you, please send me an email with what you have in mind and we will schedule a call.

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