Clients include:
Bruun & Hjejle Law firm, Denmark
Danish Film Institute, Denmark
Danske Bank, Denmark
Dorte Mandrup Architects, Denmark
DR Broadcasting, Denmark
Elgaard Architecture, Denmark
Henning Larsen Architects, Denmark
KADK, Denmark
Køge Kyst Development Project, Denmark
Ministry of Finance, Denmark
Nordic Film, Denmark
Realdania, Denmark
Riis Retail, Denmark
The Association of Architects, Denmark
The Danish Film School, Denmark
The Municipality of Vejle
The Ministry of Culture, Denmark
TV2 Broadcasting,
Velux, Denmark
Aarstiderne, Denmark
Filmgreb, Faeroe Islands
MAP Architecture, Faeroe Islands
Nuuk Department of Business, Greenland
ANTI, Norway
National Association of Norwegian Architects,
Nasjonalmuseet, Norway
Norwegian Film Institute, Norway
Film in South, Sweden

A native of Copenhagen, I have more than a decade of experience working as an executive coach and leadership course designer with top level managers in the private and public sector in Scandinavia in fields such as media, architecture, banking, politics and the arts.

I hold MA and MSc degrees in Psychology and in Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies from the University of Copenhagen.

Since 2007 I have been a Candidate in the Danish Psychoanalytical Association and since 2013 an active member in ISPSO – The International Society for the Psychoanalytical Studies of Organizations.

For over 12 years I have designed and taught courses on leading professional creativity for the Danish Association of Architects and the Danish Filmschool’s Professional Development Program.

I am the author of three books on professional creativity in Danish. In 2020 my first English book on professional creativity Coaching the Creative Impulse – Psychological Dynamics and Professional Creativity was published at Routledge.

I am a keynote speaker on the topics of creative leadership, innovation and professional creativity as well as moderator of professional panels.

I live in Piemonte, Italy, with my husband and our two daughters.



  • MSc in Psychology and MA in Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • External lecturer at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark and The University of Roskilde, Denmark 2006 – 2016
  • Member of the Danish Association of Psychologists
  • Certified in Hogan Leadership Assessment
  • Candidate in The Danish Psychoanalytic Association


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