Define - Test - Decide

We often focus on our actions when we want to improve our professional situation. Doing this passionately can lead to stress and feelings of despair.

There is much to gain from focusing on how we relate to ourselves, manage professional relationships and position ourselves and our work in a professional context.

This course helps you develop your professional situation without applying needless pressure on yourself.

Instead you need to experiment with being your professional you differently.

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Define - Test - Decide

This five-step coaching process will help you look at your professional situation differently. Instead of doing more of what you do already, this course will help you to do things differently.

By identifying with other aspects of yourself and experimenting with performing differently this self coaching course will make you realize where to look for new professional possibilities.

You will get:


  • 5 modules each containing 1 helpful video with Thea¬†Mikkelsen.
  • 5 introductions to 5 steps you can take that will help impact in a positive way your professional aims.
  • 5 lists of questions that will help you explore your possibilities and take action.

Combine with individual coaching sessions

If you want to explore your specific situation more deeply you can write us to book additional coaching sessions.

Online coaching sessions with Thea Mikkelsen is for people in management roles in the creative industries as well as for the self-employed and entrepreneurs.

With individual coaching sessions you will get help to focus your self-coaching process and accelerate your progress.

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As part of your Thea Mikkelsen Online membership you have access to Milano Club. Milano Club is Thea Mikkelsen's online community where she meets with members the first Wednesday a month 9 times a year.

Taking part in our online meetings will help you get into the structure of the reflective mode which forms the core of Thea Mikkelsen’s approach to professional development.


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""Milano Club gives me a unique opportunity to develop my professional life in new directions that I would not have come up with on my own.""

- Visual Artist

""Milano Club is a space for development where Thea animates me to take a stance on dilemmas in my professional life and bring my work forward."

- Art Director

"Milano Club is an inspiring community where I get the inspiration, guidance and tools to shape the working life I want."

- Film Producer
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