"Milano Club got its name when I was living in Milan. Having made the decision to move my professional life out of its comfort zone in Copenhagen, I realized how important it was to rethink one’s professional life and build a platform around the core of one’s professional interests."

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Monthly Online Meetings 

Milano Club is Thea Mikkelsen's Online community. The first Wednesday of the month, 9 times a year (not July, August, December) members of Thea Mikkelsen Online have the opportunity to meet online with Thea Mikkelsen for a one and a half hour structured group session. 

Every meeting is structured around one of the following three themes:

1. Personal Professional Narratives that support creative work.
2. Elements for Developing a Business Plan around your work.
3. Inspiration to develop and change your professional relationships.

Your Personal Narrative

The stories we tell about ourselves and our  professional situation are where our personal drives and our professional presentations meet. 

By examining the way you talk about yourself and your work and how others perceive you we can work to fine tune your story in order to better target your professional goals.


Your Business Plan

When we want our personal creativity and talent to be the center of our professional lives we need to be creative in designing our business plans. 

Designing our individual business plans is a way to balance the creative desire and the realistic financial and practical needs we all have with the value we can present to our clients and sponsors.

Professional Relationships

Even though creative work is dependent on personal dedication you will not get where you want to go without the right professional relationships.

Our professional relationships are often influenced by the unconscious ways we interact with other people in our private lives. They need to be recalibrated to better fit our current professional situation.


I'm Thea Mikkelsen

For the past 15 years, I have in my role as a coach and consultant met and worked with every kind of challenge inherent in creative endeavors, both at individual, group, and organizational level. 

To navigate your professional life requires reflection. I would love to help you through these difficult and inspirational moments in order to build a sustainable creative platform for your work and life.

When we meet

The nine meetings a year at Milano Club are dedicated to working on our personal professional narratives, personal business plans and adjusting professional relationships.

Thea Mikkelsen will share insights on how we can get unstuck by working on all three aspects of building sustainable professional lives.

January, April and September: We focus on the professional narrative and how we can get unstuck by adjusting it to where we want to go. We look at how we identify with our work and the context we work in through our professional narratives and you will get help to transform your personal narrative.

February, May and October: We look at individual value creation and how you can develop a business plan that will support you in creating a platform for the work you really care about. You will get concrete tools to develop and adjust your business plan and tailor how you will sustain your professional life.

March, June and November: Both new and old professional relationships need to be adjusted from time to time to fit our current professional desires and capabilities. Working with professional relationships gives you tools to adjust how you approach important professional relationships with freedom, realism and confidence.

At the online meetings you will get the opportunity to present questions related to the development of your professional life and the group will help you develop your thinking about solutions. 


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Includes 1 member access to

  • "Thrive & Rise" Milano Club's 12 steps Master Course
  • 9 group sessions yearly with Thea Mikkelsen at Milano Club
  • "5 Step Coaching Process" course
  • Access to Milano Club online community
  • Access to online coaching sessions with Thea Mikkelsen for an additional cost.



Includes 1 member access to

  • "Thrive & Rise" Milano Club's 12 steps Master Course
  • 9 group sessions yearly with Thea Mikkelsen at Milano Club
  • "5 Step Coaching Process" course
  • Access to Milano Club online community
  • Access to¬†online coaching sessions with Thea Mikkelsen for an additional cost.
  • "Leadership for Creativity" skill training courses¬†


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Q & A's

When do we meet?

We meet at 19.00 CET on the first Wednesday of the month 9 times a year: January, February, March, April, May, June, September, October and November.

How long is each meeting?

Each meeting runs 90 minutes and we do not take breaks.

What is the schedule for the meetings?

The theme of the meeting changes from month to month but the agenda is the same for every meeting:
1. Thea Mikkelsen share her thoughts on the theme of the meeting to inspire participants to reflect on what aspect of the theme pf the month they want to work with. 

2. You will be guided through personal reflection journeys that will help you develop your own thoughts.

3. Participants will meet in smaller groups where you will present your thoughts and be given constructive feedback from your peers.

4. Wrap-up and collective reflections.

Is Thea Mikkelsen attending the meetings every month?

Yes, the Milano Club online meetings are where you can meet Thea Mikkelsen every month.

Can I participate if I have not been through the Thrive and Rise Master Course?

Yes, all members of Thea Mikkelsen Online are welcome. As a member you will have access to the Thrive and Rise Master Course and we advice you to use this opportunity to give the development of your professional life a special attention.

Write us if you have any further questions
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