Next steps: Individual development

Professional development is personal development.
Let me help you develop strategic self-awareness and plan the next steps in your professional life.


How do you decide the next steps in your professional life?

The habit of reflexivity will get you unstuck.  

Not many people working in the creative industries get help to reflect, make the right choices and implement a strategic self-awareness. While professional jobs in other industries typically come with collective training, most people in the creative industries are on their own.

My mission is to change that. I believe people in the creative industries can benefit from the leadership practices developed in other industries but that it is necessary to make a customized, individual version that fits the kind of creativity you want at the center of your professional life.

When I work with people who want to grow in their work life whether in groups or individually, I focus on:

  • Sharing knowledge about how different professional situations are met successfully.
  • Train the habit of reflexivity to open the mind for new possibilities.
  • Concrete steps that will help you change your situation for the better.

I am here for you

A professional creative life requires tailored designs. Building the kind of life you want around your work takes courage and demands dedication. You will need:

  • Other people¬†to help you reflect and decide.
  • A plan to get you through every step.¬† ¬†
  • Perseverance, courage and purpose.

If you want to discuss how I can help you, you are welcome to contact me.

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Research indicates that 70% of individuals who undergo coaching improve their work performance.
(According to the International Coaching Federation.)
80% of individuals who undergo coaching gain increased self-confidence
(According to the International Coaching Federation.)


Thea Mikkelsen Online: Thrive and Rise Master Course

The way the managing team work together influences how every team in the organisation works.

I help management teams:

  • Align visions of the future.
  • Stay accountable when going through processes of transformation.
  • Develop sectorial and cross organisational work cultures.
Thrive and Rise

Thea Mikkelsen Online: Milano Club

When an organization grows, changes strategy or sees new business opportunities every team in the organization needs to change the way it works.

I help organisations design and facilitate processes that will help core teams:

  • Align internally and in relation to other teams and stakeholders.
  • Redefine their roles.
  • Develop¬†committed practices.
Milano Club

Thea Mikkelsen Online: Individual Coaching

No matter where you are on your professional journey coaching can help you qualify and target your process.

We offer online coaching where you will follow small video courses and prepare every session. Our tailored processes will help you grow strategic self-awareness and make the right choices. 

Be prepared to:

  • Spend one hour before every session¬†to work with a professional journey book.
  • Do excercises to open your perspective on who you could be¬†professionally.
  • Focus your attention.
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Executive Coaching in person

For people in management positions I have a limited number of time slots to meet in person every year in Copenhagen, Oslo or Turin. Executive coaching is for people who want to advance and conquer new professional challenges.

  • Taking on a new position.
  • Taking their organisations to the next chapter.
  • Redefining the purpose of their professional life.
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‚ÄúOne day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.‚Ä̬†

Sigmund Freud

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