Thrive & Rise

All the knowledge I have built about how to thrive and rise in a professional life in the creative and cultural industries, I have put into this course.

The core of a life based on creativity is the love you have for your work. But for this love to thrive and you to rise with your work you need to build a professional platform around it.

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To thrive and rise in the creative industries you need much more than talent. This online course will help you  imagine and plan how you can organise your work, take up your role and develop prosporous work relationships while staying connected to your feeling of both purpose and joy.


The Master Course contains:

  • More than¬†10 hours of coached personal work.
  • 12 modules & 11 videos with Thea.
  • 18 hours of individual tasks for you to do in between the modules.
  • Motivating emails to assure your progress.

Our Master Course will help you develop:

  • A Personal Professional Narrative
  • A Business Plan
  • A¬†road map to the Professional Relationships you need
  • A¬†Business Board for stearing through the next chapter of your professional life.

Personal Narrative

Creative lives can be described in so many ways. The Master Course will help you focus on the narrative that can bring you forward. Defining your personal professional narrative will help you position yourself in the context you need to be part of for your creativity to thrive and to create the professional life you want.

Business Plan

As a professional creative person you are the project manager of your own work. Creating what you find is a succesful professional platform for yourself and your work requires consideration. The Master Course will help you focus on the possibilities in your field of work and help you design a businessplan fit for both you and your work.

Work Relationships

All professional creative work is carried out in collaborations. Work relationships that give you the right amount of support, inspiration and challenge can take you far. The Master Course will help you get past your comfort zone and focus on adjusting and developing your work relationships to be fit for your next step.

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Combine with Milano Club sessions

With a Thea Mikkelsen Online membership you also have access to Milano Club. The Thrive and Rise Master Course will give you an opportunity to focus on your own professional journey and spend some time thinking through the individual choices you have made and what you want to change in the future.
When you combine the course with participation in the online meetings with Thea Mikkelsen at Milano Club you will get the most out of your membership.


Don't know where to start?

If you know something has to change but you are not sure how to get started join Thea Mikkelsen Online and start with the self coaching process Define - Test - Decide. Having been through this 5 step process you will know how to advance your professional life.

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