Process design and facilitation.



Process design can help you to create room for the dialogues that will create most innovation value in a specific context.

To get a facilitator can give you the freedom to dive into the important discussions instead of managing the time. 


I design processes that provide room for value creating collaboration and problem solving. From facilitating management and board meetings to designing development and change processes the creativity centered approach allows the different perspectives represented in the group to meet and create new value.


Processes I help design and facilitate include:

  • When top management or team leaders need to sit back and listen to their employees on a team seminar
  • When multi stakeholder collaboration needs strategically designed processes
  • When there has been a conflict in the collaboration and a new way of working together has to be established
  • When project teams have to integrate new ways of working together to reach strategic goals
  • When managers need more information about what prevents an organization to flourish and wants me to help gather information to better understand the organization
  • When boards need to develop as a group and find new paths for the organizations they are responsible for


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