Leadership development.


I work with leadership development one-on-one and in groups. For one-on-one see under coaching.
For groups I offer leadership course designs and facilitation based on a creativity centered approach and based on cutting edge leadership tools and contemporary research.


Leading a creative team towards tangible results is an art form where you as the leader must create a playful and focused environment where everyone can perform their best. Doing this requires the personal ability to discuss visions, set goals and plan how to reach them, contain conflicts and look for creativity, and collaborate with specialists and managers in your own organization as well as stakeholders outside to create results.


Since 2014 I have developed creativity centered project management courses as well as leadership courses for architects, filmmakers and museum professionals in Denmark and Norway. Both live and online.


Inspired by contemporary research on professional leadership development I provide leadership development programs where participants receive knowledge and tools to become better in the art of leadership aiming at creating meaningful results for their organisations. The programs I design and facilitate to fit the needs of any specific creative organization or department consist of identity workspaces where participants can reflect on how they use themselves in their roles as leaders and project managers in ways that create real value.


Dependent on time and resources as well as organizational need the courses can last from half a day to several months and can be either live or online.


Contact me to discuss the possibilities for your organization: [email protected]


Price: From 2000€ - 30.000€ depending on time and number of participants

Time: Half day - 4 months




LAQ Leading Architectural Quality – a personal leadership course for experienced architects


Client: The Danish Association of Architects


With this course The Danish Association of Architects wanted to strengthen experienced project managers as leaders of architectural quality. The course aims at providing the participants with tools to support their strategic self-awareness in order for them to use their personal strengths in their roles. Through insights into strategy and communication tools as well as development of powerful relationships with key stakeholders in their projects the goal of the course is to strengthen the discourse on architectural quality in the construction sector.


LAQ consists of four two-day courses that through theory, discussion and relevant tasks focuses on four different leadership skills as well as three individual coaching sessions and a Hogan Insight Leadership test.


  1. Module: Leadership for the professional creative
  2. Module: Masterclasses on artistic integrity and negotiation
  3. Module: Strategy and personal leadership
  4. Module: Communicating to lead architectural quality


Price: Depends on the number of participants

Time: 4 months


Artful leadership in film


Client: Filmgreb for Danish Media Professional Development Association


This six days leadership course for executive producers, producers, editors and line producers in the film and media industry aims at providing the participants with powerful management tools as well as strategic self-awareness to help them create the best possible development and production processes to secure the artistic ambition within budget.


Artful leadership in film consists of three two-day courses that focuses on four different leadership skills as well as three individual coaching sessions and a Hogan Insight Leadership test.


  1. Module: Leadership and followership in film production
  2. Module: Strategy and negotiation
  3. Communication to support ambitious creativity in a commercial world


Price: Depends on the number of participants

Time: 2 months

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