As a professional in the creative industries the choices you have to make for your own career, your team, your project and/or your organization are getting ever more complex due to globalization, technology and risk calculations. Coaching provides a dialogue based room for you to reflect on the choices you make and the future you want to create. According to a study by McKinsey & Co the return of investment on professional coaching is 8x the cost.


With a creativity centered coaching method you will be supported and strengthened in dealing with your personal and professional development needs. The coaching can focus on your company, on a specific project, on your team and stakeholders or on you as an entrepreneur, specialist, leader or project manager. 


Based on psychoanalytical knowledge of the dynamics of the mind, contemporary creativity and leadership theories and methodologies and years of experience the coaching I provide will help you realize your ambition and purpose.


Creativity centered coaching will help you if you want to:

  • Clarify goals for your leadership or your organization 
  • Focus your energy where it matters and makes a difference
  • Leverage your unique strengths
  • Master your internal stopping points
  • Gain tools, skills and support to develop in your role
  • Step up in leadership
  • Take a career leap
  • Develop a special skill like facilitating workshops, making presentations, people management etc.


I design online coaching processes to fit your situation. Choose between one of three coaching packages or write me an email explaining what you need and we will develop the right process for you: [email protected]


Professional development

Online coaching for developing a creative career

This coaching process supports you in developing a strategic self-awareness. You will get help to decide for a sustainable plan for the next steps in your professional life.

Target group: Professional creatives and project managers in creative businesses.

Includes: 4 online coaching sessions, 3 reflection papers and a decision paper.

Price: from 1600€
Time: 3-4 months

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Getting ahead

Online coaching for developing specific skills

This goal focused coaching process aims to strengthen the individual through one-on-one coaching sessions that focus on specific challenges or specific development goals.

Target group: Managers and specialists in R&D and in the creative sectors.

Includes: 5 online coaching sessions.

Price: from 2000€
Time: 2-3 months

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Lead creatives

Online coaching course for strengthening leadership skills

This learning process presents you with concrete management tools and through the coaching sessions integrates the learning in your day to day leadership.

Target group: Entrepreneurs and management in creative companies.

Includes: 4 online coaching sessions, 4 assignments and 4 compendiums with literature.

Price: from 2000€
Time: 3-4 months                                    

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